Aerial Thermal Roof Inspection

Aerial Infrared Thermography is a game changing approach to roof inspections. Infrared scanning is a powerful tool to identify moisture in roofing systems. Thermal scans of your roof can rapidly assess the health of your roof. Thermal imaging is non-destructive so we can perform our evaluation without damaging the existing structure. Thermal imaging is also more cost effective than other methods.

Periodic aerial scans of your roof can help identify moisture in your roof often before it has a chance develop into significant damage thereby saving tens or hundreds of thousands in structural repairs.

Mounted on an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), thermal imaging cameras can significantly reduce the risks associated with having Inspectors on a roof as well as reduce the amount of time necessary to perform the inspection.

We are licensed (FAA Part 107) UAS Pilots and Certified Thermographers bring-ing the efficiencies and safety of Aerial Infrared Thermography to our Clients.

Aerius Technology helps companies save money, save time and save lives.

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